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16 Surprising Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil isn’t just for cooking anymore!  Lately the virtues of this do-it-all ingredient have become more mainstream.  The benefits of this amazing oil range from moisturizing skin & hair of both people and pets to cleaning and cooking. Coconut oil has been known to help with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, weight loss as well possibly slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.  Coconut oil has antimicrobial (antifungal and antibacterial) properties which aide in the healing of many health issues.

16 uses of coconut oil. scrutinizinglife.com


How about a quick lesson in the production of  our new-found friend?  Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of mature coconuts in five different ways. Dry process, wet process, RBD, Hydrogenation and Fractionation.   The quality of coconut oil depends on the extraction method used. 

  • Refined Coconut Oil is extracted from chemically bleached and deodorized coconut meat. This is pure saturated fat.  This type of Coconut oil is best used for massaging, cooking or on your hair.  It is said that refined is the best to use when ingesting or therapeutic purposes as it is hygienic and clean.  Although for me, I prefer to use something that has not been processed with chemicals.
  • Pure Coconut Oil is extracted from dried coconut kernels.  It is crude, unrefined and without additives and has multiple uses.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from the fruit of fresh mature coconuts without the use of high temperatures or chemicals. This is the prefered type of coconut oil as it has potential antioxidant properties.  This variety is best used for weight loss, good health or medicinal purposes.
  • Organic Coconut Oil is extracted from coconuts obtained from palms raised wholly organic.  No synthetic fertilizers or insecticides are used on the palms nor is any chemical used in it’s extraction or processing.
  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is essentially virgin oil produced from organic palms and is THE BEST type of coconut oil.
  • Coconut Oil as a Carrier Oil is very efficient. Virgin or Fractionated Coconut oil is best as a carrier oil.  Coconut oil is easily absorbed through the skin’s pores which makes it an excellent carrier oil.  Because of its high saturated fat content, Coconut oil is long-lasting and does not go rancid, lasting up to 2 years.  Coconut oil does not alter the properties of other oils or herbs mixed in with it.  As we learned, coconut oil has  antifungal and antimicrobial properties, it keeps all ingredients mixed in with it protected from these types of interactions.

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Essential Oil ~ scrutinizinglife.com~

Essential Oils ~ Start Your Journey Now!!

I am really excited to share with you things that I use/experience everyday at Scrutinizing Life. One of my favorite things I use is an array of essential oils.  I truly believe in the power of aromatherapy and the topical use of Essential Oils.  Essential oils have been intimately linked to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of mankind since the beginning of time.

Essential oils and plant extracts have been used medicinally to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses and to combat insect, bug, and snake bites in addition to treating all kinds of mysterious maladies.  Oils and extracts stimulate tissue and nerve regeneration.  Essential oils also provide exquisite fragrances to balance mood, lift spirits, dispel negative emotions, and create a romantic atmosphere.

The Power of Essential Oils ~ scrutinizinglife.com ~

Essential Oils are powerful and are created to work perfectly with our bodies. It’s funny how the media talks about essential oils like they are a new trend – people have used them for thousands of years!

There are lots of places you can buy essential oils.  Over the years, I have purchased oils through many sources.  After reading an article on essential oils I did some research and decided to buy only pure, therapeutic grade oil from now on.  Where would I find this oil?  Again, after much research between Young Living and another popular company, I decided on Young Living Oils.  I really love how Young Living, for over 20 years, has been a trusted source and a pioneer in bringing the use of therapeutic oils to the United States.

To kick off this new adventure, I am running an amazing special!

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Nail Art!

For the past 7 years I have been unable to “do my nails” because of job restrictions. Recently, a friend invited me to a “Jamberry” nail wraps online party. I was like “Wait? What? Nail wraps? I never heard of them!” I immediately pointed my browser straight to the website so I could check them out. O.M.G.! They are AWESOME! There are so many cool designs and colors. I want you to know that I am not getting paid or receiving any free wraps for this post, I just LOVE the product! When I was younger, I would always paint my nails. While in high school, I would match my nails to my outfits, sometimes every day (there’s that OCD part of me showing)!

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