Write Something!!


I am so confused!  I have done tons of research on blogging:  how to blog, what to blog, best time to publish a blog and so much more.  An article I just read at http://john.do/today/  ( I hope he doesn’t mind the shout out) summed everything up for me.  Just start writing.  Wow, that is pretty simple!  I have spent the past few days trying to come up with a catchy post for my many readers (1… my every faithful daughter Jessica who actually has her own blog   http://www.battlingthehomefront.com/ ) but have come up with nada, nothing, zero, zilch.  Until I read that article. After reading that article, I thought…. Hey, why not write about trying to write?! It’s a start and if nothing else, I am increasing my typing skills.

 My brain has been in overdrive since I started this little journey. That’s the kind of person I am.  I will research something new that interests me until it consumes me and I become somewhat of an expert at it.  I have always been like that.  It has its ups and downs.  An obvious downside is that if it is something like this blogging which has soooo many other elements to it, I can get side-tracked from my original goal.

 I began this week really focused.  I got my blog website all set up and actually posted a few “starter” posts.  After that, I started checking out everything WordPress has to offer and got caught up in all the widgets and changes I can do to my site.  From there, I started thinking about web design and how cool all of things I was doing with my site was and how I could take course on web design and then I could have another avenue for making money. I actually started looking in to that!

Then somehow I got sidetracked by a widget.  You know, the one that allows you to put Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and all those little buttons that allow sharing of posts, pictures or whatever.  I figured I had better start a Facebook “page” under my blog name of Scrutinizing Life so I could add a button!  Haha, yup, you guessed it, of course I had to make a Pinterest account different from my  personal account (where I have over 1500 pins) and start from scratch (I really like the button for Pinterest so this was a no brainer for me!).  Yes, next came Google+.  I am a bit confused by Google+ as I haven’t set up any type of personal page or circle with Google yet.  But I am also very intrigued by Google+ (I absolutely LOVE Google!  Anything and everything I need to find info about I use Google.  Just ask my daughter Jess. She just texted me saying she had dropped her keys down the opening where her e-brake is in her car.  She needed to know how to get them out. I wasn’t sure so I googled it! I gave her some suggestions I had read about and yes, she eventually retrieved them).

I guess to sum this all up,   what I was doing these past 3 days was avoiding the reason I started this blog….writing!  Instead I was building pages/pinning and FaceBooking it.  Writing is hard work.  But if I take the advice of John.do and just write,  maybe I will become better at writing than I am at avoiding it.