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Hello!!  My name is Dianne and I am the 1 woman team 🙂 of this blog.  I have been blogging since January 2015 and it has been a learning process!  Who knew there was so much to learn about blogging/hosting/SEO/Marketing and that’s just a few terms!

The fact that I set my own schedule is a huge plus.  I can go on vacation when I want because I can take my blog with me!  That’s the beauty of the internet.  You can access it from just about anywhere!



Doesn’t that make this a pretty nice gig?! Life has so many stories waiting to be told.  So many experiences to share.  That’s basically what I am doing.  I take my experiences and blog about them. No I don’t divulge any family secrets or turn embarrassing moments into “the stories you are about to read are true but the names have been changed to protect the innocent” type of stories. I will share things I have learned, recipes, crafts, techie info, you know just about anything that catches my interest!

I will typically be posting once a week.  Sometimes more.  Sometimes less. So you don’t miss any of my posts, you can sign up for an email reminder once you see the pop up in the middle of the page {if you have already dismissed it, there is a sign up at the bottom of this about post}.   You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest {which I am totally addicted to!} and Twitter.

Feel free to email me at scrutinizinglife {at} gmail {dot} com with any questions or comments you may have!






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